The Remembered Self: A Journey into the Heart of the Beast

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184 pages

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184 pages

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This book is about the news that's not fit to print. It deals frankly with issues that are unacceptable in polite society and some persons would deem do not even exist. It is about how one human being deals with torture, trauma, sexual abuse and desire and the shame and self-hatred buried memories evoke when they begin to spill out.

Suppressed trauma creates a debt that is always paid in some way. There is an individual price a person pays in trying to censor and muzzle unacceptable memories.


About M. J. Payne

M.J. Payne is a graduate of the University of Kentucky Honors Program and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. She is interested in human rights, literature, history, and has a business background.



I looked at the mass of lilies and cyclamens in the greenhouse. Remembrance flooded me. I saw a scene that happened many years before. It was a turning point. As I remembered, my mind went into the soul of the child I had been and I began to think as she did and feel her feelings. She was my remembered self, as much a stranger as an unknown person walking down the street.

"A drink, Jack? Too early?" Asked Chinky.

"Never too early," said Jack.

"I'll pour you one. I prefer my pipe. So you want to see my little Cherry Blossom?"



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